About the Author

Author’s Prior Books

Howard is the author of

  • Cap Anson 1: When Captaining a Team Meant Something: Leadership in Baseball’s Early Years (2003)
  • Cap Anson 2: The Theatrical and Kingly Mike Kelly: U.S. Team Sport’s First Media Sensation and Baseball’s Original Casey at the Bat (2004) (which doubles as the definitive look at baseball’s colorful ties to the theater through 1900, especially featuring actor-fans)
  • Cap Anson 3: Muggsy John McGraw and the Tricksters: Baseball’s Fun Age of Rule Bending (2005) (the definitive book on tricky and dirty play through 1900)
  • Cap Anson 4: Bigger Than Babe Ruth: Captain Anson of Chicago (2006)

Ways to Order Them

If you want to order new copies, Barnes and Noble.com has multiple ones of Cap Anson 3 and Cap Anson 4 available that came directly from me.  Amazon.com has close-to-the-minimum stock of new copies of all of my books, through the Fulfillment by Amazon option.

If you would like a new copy (directly from me; most are shrinkwrapped) and otherwise cannot find it, another option is to order it via PayPal on a checkout cart set up on www.capanson.com.  It is located near the very bottom of that Web page.